Hello World

I thought I would start my first article out with that greeting.  I don't know why, it just seemed fitting at the moment.

I also could not figure out what to write my first post about.  I went from affiliate marketing to email marketing to etc…, etc…

I finally decided upon writing about what I am doing right now and what I am doing right now is working on a new direction, a new focus, a new purpose.

I recently joined a coaching program by the legendary marketer John Thornhill called Partnership to Success.

John has been making real money online since around 2004.

Even in the early days, he realized that he was a better marketer when he was teaching others to do the same as himself.

So what exactly is the “Partnership-2-Success” program?

partnership to success coaching program

The Partnership 2 Success Coaching Program is a 12-month training system with a mission to have you launch-ready in two months.

The most important part of the training is the first eight phases of the program, approximately 60 days in which you are guaranteed to have created your very own product and be ready to launch.  Provided that you actively follow along with the program.

So far the membership area is clean and simple to follow.  It has not been cluttered with a lot of distractions or more complicated navigation.

I was nervous at first that a training system this complex would be overwhelming but John has the training laid out in a simple to follow and digest manner and the content is dripped out on a daily basis.

It is just enough to keep you busy and learning for just that day and no more.

The first two days are a bit slow for those that have been around for a while and may seem a little boring, but could be a great refresher.

He literally takes you by the hands and makes sure that you start your business correctly, even starting your blog the right way.

I must admit, I have tried numerous training programs and have found very few that are easy to follow and the mentor really seems to be knowledgeable about what they are talking about.  At this point, I am extremely confident that this is going to be a winner.

One of the problems that I find with the training so far, although not a deal-breaker and somewhat minor is that at times his accent is a bit thick.  This only seems to be an issue when he starts to talk faster and is only a distractor because I may have to rewind to catch what he just said, but…

Overall, this training is AWESOME and well worth checking out.

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